Saturday, May 3, 2014

Stepping into your full a really sweaty way

Working the camera at the Shrink Session shoot.

I spent most of my #SweatySaturday in a fitness photo shoot for Shrink Session. (Pics coming soon!)  I spent hours jumping, smiling, and laughing with my fellow Shrink sistahs.  Keep your eyes and ears pealed for lots of new classes popping up around NYC.  The founder, Erin Stutland, aka Mama Stuts, has been pouring lots of love into coaching us all into our soulful, true power as instructors. 

If you haven't taken a Shrink Session class yet, it's a combination of kickboxing + dance + yoga + mantras + meditation.  I lovingly refer to it as really sweaty therapy.  You can take it for a test drive and download a FREE Shrink Session HERE

Not only does this workout burn 100's of calories, it gets into your head.  You find yourself shouting positive mantras as you push yourself to dance BIGGER, punch HARDER, be STRONGER.  What you don't realize is you are also breaking through mental barriers, beating down that terrible little voice in your head that so often stops you from living in all your beautiful, shining glory.  The whole philosophy is that "movement in your body creates movement in your life".  This class has rewarded me some major breakthroughs in both my personal and professional life.  I'm feeling pretty honored to now share this gift with all of you!

Shrink Session with yours truly will be:
Thursdays in May 
Chelsea Studios 151 West 26th St, (between 6th and 7th Ave), 6th Floor

"Drop -In" classes are $22 or can burn double the calories and generate even more mental magic by signing up for an UNLIMITED pass ($125) to also take Shrink Session on Tuesday's from 8-9pm with my good friend, Elyse Sparkes

8 chances to get your SHRINK on in May!
Tues May 6, 8-9pm-Elyse
Thurs May, 8, 7-8pm-Joanie
Tues May 13, 8-9pm-Elyse
Thurs May 15, 7-8pm- Joanie
Tues May 20, 8-9pm- Elyse
Thurs May 22, 7-8pm- Joanie
Tues May 27, 8-9pm- Elyse
Thurs May 29 7-8pm- Joanie

All you need to do is:
1. Click HERE to sign up for classes!
2. Wear your kicks (aka sneakers) & your favorite booty shakin' sweat wear.
3. Bring water & a towel (you will get sweaty, guaranteed!)

With love, peace and sweaty gratitude,


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Bonus Love from me: Grab a FREE Shrink Session Workout HERE and  join me for class Thursday's 7-8pm at Chelsea Studios