Thursday, May 5, 2011

How to be smarter than the average eater

You have NO idea what to eat and are feeling frustrated (not to mention confused) with all of the "scientific" studies and health claims that you are bombarded with everyday.  I know this because you've all told me.  Fear not, if you are a devoted fan of Motivated Nutrition, you are smarter than the average eater.  There are, however, many consumers who believe everything they read and hear when it comes to the latest food fad.

Chances are, you have a few "crash diet" devoted friends who often recite nutritional facts that they've heard on the latest Kashi commercial or a billboard statement about why they need to be drinking 2-3 glasses of milk everyday.   It's not their fault. We are all being "fed" misinformation.  The government regulations on food are politically motivated in favor of certain industries. (Ah hem!  Dairy, Beef, and Corn. ) We are bombarded daily with studies and advertisements claiming to help us lose weight and eat healthy.  Meanwhile, they are promoting processed, packaged foods that put money into their pockets and an extra inch of fat around our waists.  It's infuriating that we live in a society that is obsessed with being thin while all of the "health" food sources being promoted are making us fat.  

Learn to read the ingredients in your food and think about what you are putting into your body.  If a package or commercial is blasting you with the health benefits, chances are they are hiding something.  (Read more here about how that will hopefully change soon)

Think about it, do your fruits and veggies come with bold face health claims on them?   There's a reason they don't have to.  They are REAL foods!

Get out there and eat something real today!  No health claims needed.

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