Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Clear Heads

Have you ever heard the expression "I just need to clear my head."? Most of us have used this phrase after a strenuous interaction or activity. What do we really mean by saying it and why is it usually accompanied by a walk/venting session around the block?

I recently stumbled across a juicy site on the human brain by the Franklin Institute that satisfied my inner information consuming, research nerd. http://www.fi.edu/learn/brain/index.html

I'm sure you know, (but it helps to be reminded from time to time) that walking increases blood circulation, as well as oxygen and glucose that reaches your brain. You don't have to be running, jumping, dancing or hula hooping, walking will suffice! When we say we're going out to "clear our heads", that's exactly what is happening. You are oxygenating your brain. Next time you are feeling anxious or overwhelmed, go for a stroll around the block or at least around your office and clear your brain.

Some other fun facts:

You NEED essential fatty acids (EFA's) to make your 3lb information station function at peak performance. You can get these from foods like fish, green leafy vegetables, olive oil, meat, eggs, walnuts, and almonds, to name a few. Some symptoms that you aren't getting enough EFA's into your diet may include depression, high blood pressure, hyperactivity, allergies, and if deprived long enough can turn into scary conditions like cancer, diabetes, intestinal disorders and Alzheimer's.

Your brain also needs the amino acids that come from the breakdown of protein and the glucose that comes from consuming carbohydrates. For all of you carb fearing dieters out there, you should be informed that if you aren't eating carbs, you are depriving your brain of fuel. If you want to argue with me, sign up for my program and I'll show you how you can enjoy life with carbs and (gasp) still lose weight! The last ingredient for a healthy thinker is micronutrients. This means you have to be eating your fruits and veggies. Preferably fresh and not out of a can.

Bottom Line: Don't be a dead head! You and your fellow compadres will love you even more if you are well fueled and oxygenated.

In Health,


Joanie Johnson, HC

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