Sunday, December 19, 2010

Home Sweet...Food?

We have another set of new guests staying for a few nights in one of the rooms of our loft.  I have seen so many people in and out of our living space each month that I've begun to reconstruct the meaning of "home" and started to wonder about the psychological effect your living space has on you...and your health. 

Since moving into the 2000 sq ft, 4 bedroom, duplex loft in Brooklyn last September, we've had a turnover of at least 9 roommates from all over the world: Austrailia, Belgium, Canada, Brazil, Palestine, London, Ireland... It's been interesting getting exposed to so many different cultures as well as personality types under the roof that I call home.  It feels like the quintessential NY experience and has been wonderful and many ways.  At the same time, it's also quite stressful and can feel a little unsettling from time to time.  

Living in NYC for the past few years has often left me feeling a bit disjointed and homeless.  I've inhabited 4 different apartments and takes its toll on you psychologically.  At the end of a hard day, it's nice to come home to a safe haven that you can call your own in this chaotic city.  Just recently, I've begun to feel quite safe in our current little hostel of sorts and I've begun to wonder why.  This is maybe the closest I've felt to having a home in many years. 

Food is my answer.  Cooking has become my nesting ritual.  As of this last move, I no longer own any furniture and have gotten rid of 75% of my belongings and yet, I feel pretty settled.  I'm positive it's because I've started cooking on a daily basis.  I know that I have kitchen to go back to every night to prepare a fresh, home cooked meal.  My edible home has created a sense of power, comfort and ritual that I haven't experienced until now.    The transformation of my mental state has been incredible. 

Everyone is so unique, it makes me wonder, what's your grounding or nesting ritual?   Now that I've discovered mine, I realize how powerful and vital it is.  Tell me, what do you do to make your house, loft or hostel(!) feel like a home? 

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