Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Making a List. Don't Leave Home Without It!


Making a List.  Don't Leave Home Without It!  

Don't even try to go shopping without this life saver!

So my August challenge Operation: #HealthUpYourHome is getting off to a shaky start.  It's what, Aug 14th already?!  We've been unpacking and navigating boxes for 2 weeks now.  The process is slow when you're busy and active.  I get home from teaching at night and all I want to do is eat, veg out and hit the hay.  

I FINALLY unpacked my home office boxes today and am realizing I'm desperate for some organizing solutions.  I don't even have a desk yet!  Don't make the mistake Micah and I did by going shopping and accidentally leaving the list at home.  We've been back to Ikea 5 times now to make returns and buy things we forgot.  (Eyeballing a book shelf and "thinking" it will fit is not a wise idea.) 

The same thing happens to me when I go grocery shopping.  If I don't have a list, I come home with bags of goodies I don't need and end up whining "there's nothing to eat!" all week long.  I've since started keeping my list on my phone since it's rare I forget that at home.  

Moral of the story?  

Whether it be groceries, home shopping, or school shopping, Always Make A List- don't go shopping without one.  It's ESSENTIAL!

Do you always use a list?   What's the craziest idem you've bought without one?  Comment here, Tweet with #HealthUpYourHome, or post it to the Motivated Nutrition facebook page.   

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Joanie Johnson, CHC
Motivated Nutrition

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