Friday, July 27, 2012

The Hardships of Being 5

#StyleMeJuly challenge Day 27: a la me at 5- y/o

The Hardships of being 5 

Healthy Tip: Eating at 5 isn't easy.  The world is full of so many delicious choices!  Delicious and incredibly unhealthy!  Unfortunately, parents can't put a stop to junk food marketing geared toward children and can't monitor what's going into little Suzie's mouth at school, birthday parties or on play dates.  What you can do is set up good nutrition habits at home.  As a general rule, don't have anything in your home that you wouldn't want your child eating.  How fair is it if you are noshing on cookies at night when they are expected to eat carrots?  Lead by example and set up healthy eating habits early.  It's going to shape their minds (and bodies!) for the the rest of their lives.

Fashionista Wannabe: Dressing at 5 isn't easy either.  When I was 5, I idolized (and still do) my sister who was 9 yrs older and a true child of the 80's.  Her hair impressively filled the entire frame of her 11th grade picture.  Meanwhile, I was stuck in animal prints, neon bright cutesy dresses and forced to sport uncool, flat hair. For today's fashion challenge, I wiped out the blazer, chunky necklace, denim shorts and Ked-like Toms to give me a blast back to the cool big sister style I dreamed of pulling off at 5.

In Molly Ringwald loving health,


Joanie Johnson, CHC
Motivated Nutrition

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