Thursday, July 22, 2010

Coffee- Tree- Huggers

I, myself have been known to hang my head and frequent a Starbucks on occasion (the free Wi-Fi gets me every time!) and am shocked at what Ashley Brown, a Motivated Nutrition pal has discovered! Being the spunky, green loving creature that she is, ( that's her in her natural habitat to the right!) Ashley isn't about to let disposable cups pile up in her neighborhood. Read below to see how she is making a difference and get in on the action!

Having never been a Starbucks customer before moving to rural MD, I was going along living my life in ignorance of Starbucks' environmental irresponsibility, and frequenting wonderful (more-conscientious) mom-and-pop operations. Now that I live in a town that, like so much of rural America, is the definition of suburban strip-mall retail planning, I hang my head and reluctantly march across the sizzling, sprawling blacktop whenever I want to study at the coffee shop or grab a special treat to go. I wish Starbucks hadn't replaced so many of America's great locally owned, independent and unique coffee shops, but since they did, I feel it is their responsibility to set the standard for environmental practices. I was shocked to find that in most Starbucks stores, recycling is not available! They also offer reusable cup incentives that are far too weak, and hardly ever offer to-stay cups, even to their regular loiterers, like me! This is so appalling to me that I have been doing some research to find out their plan to get started. Despite significant customer demands for recycling, Starbucks continues to take its time developing a comprehensive plan to go green - their target date isn't until the end of 2015! Please join me in putting pressure on the coffee monster and write to them at this website:

I also called customer service at (800) 235-2883 and received my local district manager's contact info and am in discussions with him to help join forces with neighboring shops and local chamber of commerce to provide "front-of-store" recycling options as well as customer and employee incentives for conscientious environmental practices.

Please help Starbucks get its act together!


Thanks Ashley!

Here's what I submitted under the Corporate Social Responsibility tab. If it makes you more likely to take action, feel free to steal it!

As a company that seems to be setting coffee standards in America, Starbucks needs to pick up the pace on the development of their comprehensive plan to go green. I recently found out that not all store locations offer recycling and that the target date for a "green" plan isn't until 2015! As an earth loving coffee drinker I'm asking you to please expedite your plan on helping to save our planet.

Now go get em!

In health,


Joanie Johnson, HC

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