Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Energy Booster

I agree that dates aren't nature's most beautiful looking fruit. To me, they closely resemble a NYC cockroach. For those of you who can get past their less then divine appearance, they make a great pre, during, or post workout energy booster. They are sometimes referred to as "nature's fuel."

They are high in glucose and our bodies rapidly convert them in to glycogen in the liver. Maintaining a steady supply of glycogen in the muscles and liver during a workout will help sustain energy.

I sliced them open and added a little bit of natural almond butter for a pre workout boost. Almonds are packed full of B2 (an energy vitamin), fiber, antioxidants and are easily digestible. That means your body won't have to take too much energy away from your workout to aid in digestion.

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Joanie Johnson, HC

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