Thursday, February 10, 2011

HAngry- Nutella getting health claims from a R.D.

Unbelievable health claims on junk food HAS TO STOP!!!!  

I stumbled across an article on NPR about a mom who is suing Nutella for it's health claims so I went to their site to do some investigating for myself.
Lo and behold there is a page dedicated to the F.A.Q's of breakfast nutrition dedicated to moms.  I was appalled at what I was reading!  Apparently, the healthiest breakfast to feed your child is "one that they will eat."  My little sister went through a stage where she would only eat Oreo cookies for breakfast, so you're telling me that's OK?  

The writer is a woman by the name of Connie Evers who is a registered dietitian, a children's nutrition expert and mother of three.  As an "expert" and R.D., don't you think she should realize that Nutella contains 21 grams of sugar per serving and half the 200 calories in a two tablespoon serving come from fat?  I went to her website and she does indeed position herself as a children's nutritional expert.  Funny I didn't find the Nutella endorsement on her personal site.   I wander how much she got paid for this endorsement? 

Too bad that moral testing isn't required to receive your R.D. and back up the corrupted food industry. 

PLEASE tell me this makes you angry.


  1. That reminds me of an old Bill Cosby routine about making his kids chocolate cake for breakfast: he had milk and eggs and flour, all good stuff. So the chocolate cake must be good for you.....right?

    Cosby knew he was kidding.

  2. Haha! And here it is. Bill Cosby is the greatest!