Wednesday, April 28, 2010

To mEat or not to mEat?

As many of you know, I am a strong advocate of vegetarianism. It started because I had a food allergy that I couldn't diagnose and when I started cutting meat from my diet, I made healthier choices. Thus correcting the issue. (The allergy happens to be anything fried or processed.) I'm also a strong supporter of eliminating meat to lower my carbon footprint. Being a veg reduces the same emissions as 8,000 miles driven per year. An added bonus to all of this is that my diet is full of whole, healthy foods.

For the last week, my body has had strong cravings for meat. I tried upping my protein intake, but to no avail. Last night, I finally broke down and gave in to my craving. I had a great dinner of baked rosemary chicken, spinach and sweet potatoes. (I can't take any of the credit, BF played chef). Today the craving is gone and I'm back to my normal diet.

There are a couple of theories on meat cravings. One is that it's a very grounding food. I have been making a lot of changes to my schedule lately and been trying to ground and center myself. That's legitimate.

Another is that meat cravings come from excessive muscle breakdown when your body wants protein to repair it. I sustained an injury last week, just came off a dance tour and have another show this upcoming weekend.


Our body intelligence continues to amaze me. Since eliminating processed, unhealthy foods, I have become more in tune with what my body needs and when. It never fails.

Try skipping all the center shopping aisles this week and stock up on whole, healthy foods. See if your body starts to tell you what it needs once it has some time to cleanse itself. The results will amaze you!

In health,


Joanie Johnson, HC

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