Friday, July 6, 2012

Channeling Audrey and finding balance for #StyleMeJuly

#StyleMeJuly challenge Day 6

Channeling (a balanced) Audrey
Instagram awesomeness by Micah B. Rubin

Healthy Tip: For today's "Channeling Audrey" challenge, I did a little research on the elegant Ms. Hepburn and her healthy habits.  I found a quote from her first husband Mel Ferrer saying, "She was very careful about her diet, did not drink alcohol except an occasional glass of wine with dinner, and avoided desserts. She chose her diet as a dancer would: plenty of protein and lots of vegetables and salads. She ate sparingly and rarely splurged."

Eat sparingly and rarely splurge.  That's great advice for all of us.  Our amazing lives should be fueled by the food we eat, not controlled by it.  Audrey seemed to know the importance of balance. 

Fashionista Wannabe:  My favorite little black Brooklyn Industries dress and my newly cut (by myself) side swept bang.  :)  Instant Audrey fashion.  

In perfectly balanced health,


Joanie Johnson, CHC
Motivated Nutrition
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