Sunday, July 8, 2012

Swish your skirt...and your veggies too!

#StyleMeJuly challenge Day 8

Swish your skirt...and your veggies too!

Instagram awesomeness by Micah B. Rubin

Healthy Tip: In addition to meaning "turn yourself around in wistful bliss as your skirt makes a swishing sound around you (OK, I may have made that up), swish also means to strike or cut with a swishing sound.  I'm no chefto presto in the kitchen so when I chop veggies, there isn't any swishing going on, but that doesn't mean the possibility isn't there.

Try this meal prep trick today and see if it makes your "open the fridge, scratch head, wonder what to eat" moments any easier this week.
  • Head to the grocery store, veggie stand or farmers market pronto.
  • Purchase as many colors, shapes and sizes in fruits n veggies as you can fit into your green shopping bag.
  • Come home, crank up the iPod speakers (Important for optimal swishing)
  • Wash and pre-chop (aka SWISH) all of your new healthy purchases.  
  • Store them in labeled containers in the fridge. 
  • When you hangerly wonder into the kitchen this week, open the fridge, thank yourself for having all that annoying prep work done and whip up a healthy meal in half the time. 
  • Tweet #SwishMagic later this week and tell me how much you loved this trick.
Fashionista Wannabe:  Nothing makes me feel more like swishing than going a little bit country in my floral skirt.  I did grow up in the country after all.   Although my checkered floor entryway isn't quite the satisfying as swishing through a field full of tall grass. 

In happily swishing health,


Joanie Johnson, CHC
Motivated Nutrition
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