Wednesday, July 4, 2012

"You look like the 4th of July!"

I'm just hoping this doesn't make you want a hot dog reeeeaaaaal bad!  In honor of 4th of July, I'm giving you a few hot doggin' facts. 

  • The cities of Los Angeles, San Antonio, and New York consume the most hot dogs by volume every year.
  • The average American eats 60 hot dogs a year.*  (bleh!)
  • Joey Chestnut, 27, 230lbs, holds the Major League Eaters record of eating 68 Nathans Famous Hot Dogs and Buns in 10min.  He's wont the contest 5 yrs in a row.  Check out his impressive Bib Sheet!   
  • Other names of for the hot dog include: frankfurter, frank, red hot, wiener, weenie, durger, coney, or just "dog" *
  • The Coney Island, Nathan's Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest began as a duel between four immigrants to determine who was the most patriotic in 1916. 

Me?  Oh no, forget it!  I'm a vegetarian.  I'm not going near them!  Don't over do it at the backyard BBQ and have an amazing time celebrating the 4th today!

In healthy, patriotic love,


Joanie Johnson, CHC
Motivated Nutrition

*Who knows all this stuff?!

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