Monday, July 9, 2012

Weighted down and feeling sore? Gimme your purse!

#StyleMeJuly challenge Day 9

Weighted down and feeling sore? Gimme your purse!

Healthy Tip: We are all guilty of carrying a too heavy bag from time to time.  This is obviously more true for those of us that rely on public transportation and can't live out of our cars.  (ahhhh, those were the days)  It's a very unhealthy habit to have.  You are putting undue stress on your body that could be causing a range of unpleasant symptoms like:
  • constant neck soreness, shoulder pain and/or back pain, even when not carrying your bag
  • frequent headaches
  • one shoulder is slightly higher than the other (not a good look by the way)
What's an overworked, stylish bag toting girl to do?  It's not realistic to tell you to give up your bag.  What is realistic is for you to promise to remove at least 3 unneeded items.  2 extra lip glosses, 5 pens just in case, your prized stuffed gorilla from the 3rd grade, really?  Ok so I've never pulled a stuffed gorilla out of my bag but I've teetered dangerously close to the extreme bag item edge.

Before you go off into that wonderful world of Monday, take 5 minutes to do a quick bag clean-out.  Your body will thank you. 

Fashionista Wannabe:  I'm a fashion fail today.  My Brooklyn Industries bag (my favorite store) is taking more of the functional route rather than being very stylish.   This over-sized gem has the ability to hold all the contents needed for: instructing 2 total body workout classes at the gym, taking a modern dance class, teaching a nutrition/yoga class,  reading material for my 6 subway rides and enough healthy snacks + lunch for my 13hr Monday.  Ugh.  I'd love to have someone say, "Gimme your purse."  (in a non threatening way of course) and offer to carry if for me! Any takers?

In please hire a porter health,


Joanie Johnson, CHC
Motivated Nutrition
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